Why I Photograph


It was an average day of play in the life of a 10 year old, when my grandfather randomly handed me something he was getting rid of. It didn’t mean much to him, but it changed my life forever. Do you ever have those moments? You just KNOW that decision, moment, or gesture put you on a new path. The beginning of a new chapter. Or maybe you don’t know right away, but you discover its significance years later… That’s how it was for me when he placed that old Sony camera in my hands. From that day forward, I could not put it down. Capturing moments in time to enjoy eternally trilled me to no end, and ignited a passion in me that has only grown with time. 


Over the years I’ve held many cameras, gained knowledge, and honed my skill. I am continually inspired by our beautiful world and am addicted to travel, adventure, and exploration. I’ve learned that my favorite form of photography is glamour and beauty portraits. There are so many women who fail to see their personal and unique beauty. Raise your hand with me if you’ve ever looked at yourself and saw only what you’d like to fix, rather the BEAUTIFUL features that make you YOU. My goal is to show you just how gorgeous you are, to raise your confidence, and lift your soul. Radiant confidence transforms simple interactions with friends and family, business deals at work, and even your self-talk in quiet moments. Radiant confidence is a gift I want to give you.

The Experience



Customer Reviews

It has been an honor to photograph and get to know so many wonderful women and their families. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and capture your special moments.



"All our pictures came out exectly the way I wanted them to be and even way better than that! She went far beyond our expectations and hopes!Pictures are just amazing! She captured the best moments of our big day! And we are so thankful to you Keri for that!"


"Incredible work -- I loved the results and the experience! Keri Lloyd did an amazing job making me feel right at-ease and comfortable in different poses and pictures... and the end work was lovely. When you see the portfolio she puts together, you won't be disappointed. She dedicates herself to give you a very professional and personal product... I would gladly recommend her to others!"



"I hired Keri for college graduate pics. It was a really fun shoot! She gave me great poses and also let me add some of my own personality 🙂 Now I have booked her for an engagement shoot! I'm so excited! She is so great to work with!"